6 Reasons Why I Love Lumix LX100 as My Street Camera

For those who ask me (maybe you), what camera did I use for street photography, here is the answer. I’m using this small pocket camera, Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX100. Well, I must say that this camera is not as famous as Fujifilm x100F or Ricoh GR II or maybe other fancy brand of mirrorless camera. But, since I use it from the first time until now, this camera always gives me some fun while shooting on the street. Here's 6 reasons that made me fall in love with this camera.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX100


Yap, this is very well build small compact camera. Not interchangeable lens, but it comes with very nice lens package (we talk it later). Applied retro design yet in modern touch, makes this camera looks really beautiful. The grip is nice and the button is placed really well, make it easier to control this camera with just one hand. And because this camera is very small, I still can put in on my jacket and not really attracting people when I capture some candid moment.

Fast Zoom Lens

Some people asking me, why you not buy mirrorless with interchangeable lens, so you will have many options for the lens ? Well, I’m really simple guy and don’t really want to carry too much while shoot on the street. I just want to shoot and have fun, and not confusing with which lens should I use. And this camera zoom lens is the real deal for my condition. It’s a Fast Zoom Lens. Panasonic Leica DC Vario Summilux 24-75 mm f1.7-2.8. How’s that ? Pretty cool, isnt it ? Leica lens with fast aperture. You still can get the bokeh with f1.7 and do zooming.

Yeah, some people said that zoom lens makes you lazy to move for composing your frame. Then, I just stick with same focal length when I shoot without zooming. Problem solved. Hahaha.

Image Quality

With the very nice lens this camera had and micro four third sensor, this camera gives me very nice and sharp images. The colour is good and never disappoint me. And It’s also quite good low light performer. Many of my street photos at my gallery and Instagram (@restoajie) are taken with this camera. Here are some of my photos taken with this camera:

Rice Fields

Security guys

Rain Mood

Fully Manual Control

This camera has many dials that really helpful to set up this camera. It has Aperture Dial, Shutter Speed Dial, Exposure Compensation Dial, Manual Focus Ring, AF/MF Dial, even this camera has Aspect Ratio Dial. It’s really fun to change the setting with this dial than change the setting from the screen.


Yes, it has an Electronic Viewfinder that works really well. It really helpful when I shooting at the noon and hard light.

Silent Mode

This is what I really like about this camera. This camera has a silent mode with using electronic shutter. This is really helpful to capture some candid moment. Because when you press shutter, there will be no sound coming up from your camera. Makes me feel like I’m street ninja. Hahaha.

Well despite of that, I know that this camera has some disadvantages, like it doesn’t have tilt screen, the sensor size is small (12.8 Megapixel), it’s not weather shield, etc. But, I must say this camera is very good package for all around camera. Deliver very nice job on the street and also very light to travel with it. Oh yeah, the video ability for this camera is quite good too for those who like videography. It has 4K resolution and some features like Time Lapse and Stop Motion Video.

Still, the best camera is the one that you own now, right ? Just go out and have fun capturing the world !!

Thanks !!