Because “Rain” is my best friend on the street

I like shooting street photography when the sunshine was really bright, with so much light, it will create very nice shadow on the street. But what if the sky was gloomy and the cloud start crying in the middle when shooting session happen or just started ? Well, I never worry about that. Actually I’m happy with this kind of circumstances because there’s friend accompany me for shooting a whole day, and his name is “Rain”.

Rain is really awesome. He triggers so much expression from people around you. Using their umbrella, wearing their raincoat, or just standing below the roof store until the rain gone. It was really unique and cool.

Rain is really beautiful. He creates a puddle on the street, making the asphalt wet. And it makes the light from street lamps, neon stores, car lights reflecting on the asphalt. Making colours harmony in the middle of grey mood. Really fascinating.

Rain is really classy. He brings the dark look on your scene. Enhance the drama on your frames. Without giving much effort on post production, it will give moody look on your photos. Rain makes everything become pleasing in the eyes.

That’s why I always embrace the Rain.

How about you ? Do you want to be his friend too ?

P.S: Don’t forget to use nice shoes, bring your umbrella, keep your camera from getting wet when you play with him

Happy Shooting !!



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