Best Mobile Photo Editor that I use

Updated: Jun 9, 2018

Well, to be honest I did all my editing photos only from my smartphone. Really. Haha.

I choose to edit in my smartphone because it’s simple and easy to share after editing process. Just send the image from camera to my phone, edit, and ready to share to any social media platform. Easy right ?

I don’t really do much editing for my images and since I'm simple guy, just a mobile apps is enough for me. I know there are many application in android and IOS for photo editing, but until now I'm using two apps as my photo editor: Snapseed and Adobe Lightroom CC. And that two is available for Android and IOS (I’m Android user by the way).


I’ve been using this application for so long. The reason I use this application because it has a ton of features like perspective, healing, brush, crop and many more. And it’s free (this is the main reason actually). I using this app to produce my black and white image and so far I really like the result.

Adobe Lightroom CC

I new for this guy (this guy is new too for Android.. haha) and as long as I use and learn about this app, the one that I love for this app is colour control. Yeah, I really like this app because it can enhance the colour beyond my expectation. I always use this app now to produce my colour image and the result is always make my mind blowing away.

Well, both of them are really powerful. Snapseed is always become my choice for editing black and white image because it can produce contrast that suit my style. Lightroom CC is also become my choice for editing my colour image. It give me very nice colour control, can save and edit it anytime, and also copy the colour setting to another image.

Thanks !!



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