Hide yourself when doing street photography ? Seriously ?

Maybe for some people that are just starting into street photography, they somehow feel confused or afraid when shooting people on the street. And because of that, they are trying to shoot in low hip and using small compact cameras so people will not notice, or just using long focal length so they can shoot people from far away, like snipers… hahah

Well, I’m not saying that was wrong. That was also the method in street photography. But I have my own perspective about “Hide yourself” when doing street photography that I think could share to you.

Hiding doesn’t mean that you must hide your face and move quietly, or undetectable, or misdirecting your subject view (I wish I could master it.. hahah). Being “Hide yourself” it’s about how you act and how you behave when doing street photography. Like blending with local people, singing together with street musicians, always smiling when taking some shots, giving compliments to the subject if they realize that you are taking pictures of them. And if you are more extrovert, you can also talk to them and ask permission before shooting.

And also don’t hide your camera when doing street photography and only use it when taking photos or people, it makes you look creepy. Just relax and don’t be shy about showing your camera, just pretending like you're a tourist (in your own city.. hahah) and doing some photography in public. It makes you look more natural and people will not really give their attention to you.

And also do you like my new way on editing my image in this article. Don't know why but currently I love some gritty black and white image like this.. hahah

Happy Shooting !!



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