Let’s Fishing on the Street !

When doing street photography, I often try to find nice light and shadow. But to just capture the nice light and shadow, dunno why but I feel there’s a missing part that makes my photos not really interesting (in my opinion.. haha). That’s why I put a human element on my photos, to give a story, even just a bit, so my photos had more meaning than just an urbanscape.

When I find an interesting scene like a nice background, or nice shadow shape, I always try to give myself much time to work on the scene and do “Fishing Technique”. For those who don’t know what “Fishing Technique” is, this is a method to work on the scene, waiting for some human with interesting gesture or fancy clothes to come on your frame, complete the scenes that you want to capture. It could be their walk was inline with the shadow direction, or their clothes match with the color background. Or maybe you want some silhouette to enter on your scene.

To make my photos look clean, I prefer to isolate my subject. I seperate my subject or human from the crowd and capture it with the scene. To give more aesthetic and minimalist feel on my photos. Sure it takes a lot of time to get the nice frame while waiting for the right people to come in my frame, and it becomes doubles when I also want to isolate my subject. But it worth to pay.

Some tips to get some nice scenes with isolating subjects, I prefer to come at hunting places at the time when people still visit the place but not really crowd, like an early morning. And I think it’s much better than coming at the time there’s no people in there. Visiting the place when it’s empty sometimes take longer time to do fishing technique and lower the chance to get best frame that you want.

Happy Shooting !!


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