Railway Hunt !! My Best 5 Railway Station for Street Hunt at Jakarta

When I go for street hunt, I always seek for crowd area because I can find so much moments and emotions in there. It also help me to get candid moment because it’s less noticed by other people when doing street hunt in the crowd. And my favourite crowd places to go for street hunt is Railway Station !! And luckily, Jakarta has Commuter Line as their public transportation. So yeah. It become my favourite public transportation, and almost my trip with Commuter Line is just for street hunt purpose. Hahaha.

Why Railway station? Well, for me railway station it’s a complete package for my vision and imagination of street photos. It gives me many emotions from people in there, very nice leading lines, and also have a great silhouette and shadow. Super fun !! Also I feel more safe and secure to do street hunt at railway station. Yeah, I must admit that I feel a little bit insecure when doing street hunt at Jakarta. I’m not saying that Jakarta is not friendly for street photographer, but since I often do street hunt alone, then I must reduce the risk as much as possible, right ?

And , because I’m Tokyo-centric street photographer (hahahaha), for me doing street hunt at Commuter Line and Railway Station is the closest way to get photos with feel and Tokyo look alike in Jakarta.

I have some favourite Railway Station at Jakarta for street hunt. Let me share with you, my big 5 favourite railway station to do street hunt.

Jakarta Kota

The old and most iconic railway station in Jakarta. This station give me different vibe from any others station, because its Dutch-style structure. Near from Jakarta Old Town, make this station is always busy, with local or tourist. Just try to framing your subject with the old and classy look of this station. Gorgeous !!

Jakarta Kota Station


Super crowd !! Yeah, because this station serve almost all lines in Jakarta Commuter Line. The building is not very special but it always interesting to observe people in there.

Manggarai Station


I really like this station because it easy to find beautiful young lady with fancy clothes to capture in here. Hahaha. Well, because this station near from business and shopping district area. And also, on Sunday this station is always crowd by people from Jakarta Car Free Day. Perfect place to capture sporty girl portrait. Hahaha.

Sudirman Station

Tanah Abang

As intersection line and also near from Tanah Abang Textiles Market, this station always full of people. Try to capturing from pedestrian bridge, it will amaze you.

Tanah Abang Station


Big and modern station. Also, it’s near from business district, capturing people going for work or coming home from work is always interesting in here. And try to visit this station at early morning, you will impressed with the light and the shadow (of course if it’s not cloudy.. haha).

Palmerah Station

Well, that’s the places I usually go for street hunt. Hope it will be your references to capture street photos in Jakarta. Still exploring until now if there are any other stations that serve me a view that suit may vision of street photos. Maybe I will share it later if I find more places that very nice to do street hunt at Jakarta.

Happy Shooting !!

Thanks !!



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