Ricoh GR III, like having BEAST in your pocket!

For a long time, I’ve been thinking about buying a smaller camera that I can bring everyday. because I think my Fuji XT20 with the lens 23mm or 35mm is still quite big in my everyday bag. Since I've used Fuji before, I’ve been thinking of buying the Fuji XF10 as an alternative, but as a street photographer, knowing there is a small pocket camera that already has the title “King of Street Photography Camera”, Ricoh GR, is really making me curious about this camera. And finally, I bought the newest version of Ricoh GR at that time, Ricoh GR III.

And now, I’ve already been friends with Ricoh GR III for more than one and half years. And during that time, I feel so regretful. WHY I’M NOT USING THIS CAMERA SINCE A LONG TIME AGO??!! IT’S SO DAMN GOOD!! HAHAHAHAH

It’s so fucking small, I love it!

First time I unbox the camera, I’m amazed with the size. It’s not even bigger than my phone, omg. And I can hold it perfectly just with one hand. Thanks to the size, I don’t have to bring my backpack to bring my camera and laptop, it fits on my smaller laptop bag. And when hunting using this camera on the street, I can put it on my jacket or even my jeans pocket. Love it, really really love it.

Full control in one hand

Being small doesn’t mean you have less buttons in this camera. As a Fuji user before, I really love full manual control like shutter speed dial and EV dial on the camera and aperture dial on the lens. In Ricoh GR III, I still had a full manual control dial for shutter speed, aperture, and EV. And all of them can be operated just with one hand. Can’t say no more about it.

28mm really change my image composition

Yes, Ricoh GR III had a focal length 28mm equivalent full-frame lens. Since I’ve been using 35 and 50mm for quite a long time before, this focal length is wider for me. But somehow I find this focal length really gives me a majestic feel in my photographs. Humans look really small and the buildings around them become bigger. And also makes me think more about the composition since it gives me more space to add the composition on the image. And yeah, since I am using Ricoh GR III, I think I am developing a new look for my photography.

Top notch image quality

Having a 24 megapixels APSC sensor in this small camera is something that really amazes me. The image looks nice for me, I’m not a guy that is really into pixel peeping, so far I don’t have any complaints with image quality.

The legendary “Snap Focus”

This is one of the interesting features that this camera has I think, you can set up the camera to always focus without waiting for autofocus to work with a half press shutter button. With this, your chances to miss the scene will be reduced. How cool is that?!

Yeah, it’s hot.

Cannot agree more with this, but it also depends on how we use this camera. Being small with big performance, this is something that we cannot avoid. Turning off your camera after 1-3 shots really helps to maintain the camera from overheating. Since the time to switch on the camera is really quick, it’s not really an obstacle to capture the scene

on the street.

No viewfinder, what do you expect from this small compact camera?

Go away if you want a camera with a viewfinder, this is not for you. But the display brightness is so good. During my experiences, I have not really complained while walking to shoot in harsh light and must see the screen. Still good though.

Prepare for more extra battery

Small and big performance, it will drain your battery really fast. Based on my experience, it could drain to empty for 1 battery in just 2 hours. But again, it depends on how you use this camera. Somehow because of this limitation, I treat this camera like a film camera. You know when you only have 36 frames to shoot, then you will be more careful when shooting right? If the frame is not suitable for what I want to shoot, then I will skip and not switch my Ricoh GRIII. And yeah this really saves the battery, A LOT.

Overall, if you want the small camera that you can bring everyday without worrying about the image quality, this one's for you. If you're a street photographer that wants simple gear to shoot without drawing much attention from people on the street, this one’s for you. And if you want to have the same camera as LALISA BLACK PINK, this one's also for you hehehe :P (but you should by the street edition).

Happy Shooting!!