Street Photography Subject: Crossing Road

Need some idea for your compositon on the street? Or maybe you get bored with the street scene like in station or any other places? Then try to explore a Crossing Road.

Crossing Road Scene

Yeah, Crossing road is always become my favourite to capture street photos. It has the leading line, the contrast, and also the people. And it has so much perspective that we can explore, so you will never get bored. Trust me.

Passing through the crowd at Crossing Road

Woman with Umbrella, Crossing the Street

If you want to capturing people from very close distance without they never give a fuck about that, just try to capture people who walk to your side while you crossing the street. My tips, set your shutterspeed high (around 500-1000) and aperture above 5.6 to freeze your subject and wider focus. If you doing it at night, you can try using flash technique like 2nd curtain to freeze your subject.

Capturing Crossing Road scenes

Crossing Road at Night

You can also stand in the edge of crossing road and waiting for some magical scenes happen.. hahaha

The more bigger crossing road, the more crowd from people crossing the street, make the chance to get some great crossing road scene is more bigger too.

Trying different angle while shooting on the Crossing Road

Crossing Road scene from above

Normally, we will capturing the crossing road from the eye level. But, it always worth to exploring more angle while capturing the scene. Try to capture from lower angle or ground level. If you found some puddle near the crossing road, try to draw nice reflection from it. Or you can also try from high angle. You can use tripod and rise it or if you see crossing bridge or building that you can spot on the crossing road from above, try it.

There’s a lot things to explore from crossing road and it really fascinating because every moment can be different from time to time. So, what are you waiting for ? Go out and find some crossing road.. Hahaha

Happy shooting !!

Resto Ajie


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