Street Photography Subject : Woman Interest

What is woman interest?

Well, I think you should know about human interest. Human interest is one of category on Photography, that capturing interaction between human and their culture and environment, to gain mood and sympathy for those who see the pictures. Woman interest is the same, but it’s more specific to capturing woman with their activity on the street.

Woman in Commuter

Why woman interest ?

There are so much to explore about people’s emotion on the street, and I do really like to seek and observe that. From a sharp eyes or glaring eyes, hand gestures, daydreaming face, even sad or happy face. Yeah, for some reason, my city had a lot of “Out of Luck” people that can be photo’s subject while doing street hunt, like in the traditional market or in the cross bridge. And I don’t know why but I see so many street photographer exploring this side from my city. I know, to draw the emotion and gaining sympathy from people who see it is the goal for street photography. But I think there are still so many others things that can be explore and show to the world from my city. So, I choose this “Woman Interest” things.

Alone in The Train

Who become the subject for woman interest ?

Beautiful lady, of course… Haha. Well, I preferred to shoot a woman from 18-35 age because in that range of age, a woman has so much activity to do and also really aware with their own look in public. So it has a lot of gestures, unique clothes or dress, and nice makeup that we can captures, plus we can get beautiful lady as an adding point. And also I consider to shoot a college student or office worker. Yeah, they’re very mobile and always put some makeup on them. Yeah, not all of them but most of them.

Where to look for woman interest ?

Actually you can do it everywhere, as long as the place has woman walking pass by (of course…). Try to look at a place that has a crowd of people, like in train station or public sidewalk.

In Jakarta, I prefer to look for woman interest subject in train station or public sidewalk near Sudirman Station. If you have a time, try to shoot when the people is going to work (6-9 am) and off to work (5-8 pm). This place will offer you so much option for woman interest and if you’re lucky you can also find foreigner also walking in here.

Evening Rain Sudirman

But if you’re in Tokyo, just go to Shibuya Crossing Road and stay from day until night to find so much lady to capture. Very easy. But I recommend you to shoot at midday, so you can use f8-f11 with shutter 500 with a low ISO. Trust me, your works will become really sharp and really clean.

Shibuya Vibe

How to do this kind of Woman Interest thing ?

Just like a normal street photographer do. You can do it candidly or ask their permission to capture them. But I prefer to capture candidly because it looks more natural and blend really well with their own environment. Using small camera with less noticed will be much more easier.

Smartphone Syndrome

Are you a pervert by doing this ?

Well, it depends on what’s your personal purpose to do this kind of thing. For me, woman is unique, everyone of them has their own beauty, their own approach about their beauty standard, and their own effort to get their best look of themselves. Capturing them on streets with their best and beautiful look is my way to respect them, respect their effort. Just for photography purpose and not for my own lust and desire. So, if you want to do this, please make sure that you do it with good manner and respect them in every single way that you could possibly do.

Shibuya Expression




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