Street Photography Tips: Hold Your Camera like taking Video

Somehow, when you see a good moment to capture on the street, the moment was gone while you raise and point your camera. Well, we can’t always predict where and when the moment will happen, so what we can do is always prepare and ready to shoot wherever and whenever. And for me, holding your camera like you’re taking video is surely the best technique for anticipate it.

By holding your camera like that, it will help you to always ready for every moment. When you see a nice expression on stranger face and want to capture that moment, it will be easier to catch the moment. We must know that the facial expression on the street can go and disappear in the blink of eye. This stance will help you a lot. Just walk while holding your camera like that, and when you see a great facial expression, just press your shutter and the chance you will get the picture is bigger.

Glaring Eyes

It also helpful while doing candid street scene. This stance will make you less notice by stranger while you’re taking picture of them. When you’re walking with this stance, you will get much more natural expression because people already accept your presence, compared to when you just raise and point to shoot while you see the moment.

Happy Shooting !

Resto Ajie


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