Why am I doing Portrait Photography?

Well, for those who following me in Instagram (always update my photos in there), maybe already know that besides of street photography, I also doing portrait photography. Actually what I’m doing in street photography, like candid portrait, is kinda similar with portrait works. But I think for some aspects, it’s different and it was really interesting for me to do this kind of photography. And there are several reason why I doing this:

It’s fun to plan a concept

Somehow when I’m doing street photography, I often shoot spontaneously and without concept. Just find the nice shadow on the wall and waiting for moments come or just find really interesting face or clothes that match with the sign mark or cross road, then I’ll capture that (Yeah, maybe some photographer doing street photography with a concept). But when I do portrait, it encourage me to learn something new. Makes me thinking much about how to shoot the model. From the place to shoot until the method how I shoot. And it was really fun. For example:

My objective : Shoot a model at train station.

My preparation :

  • I survey the location first, finding some spot that I want to shoot with model based on the time we will do the photo session.

  • Planning the method that I want to shoot, from the angle until camera setup.

  • Because I love to create portrait with street photography approach, I looking for some elements on the environment that I can use in my portrait and thinking about the backup plan if that element was gone when doing the portrait session, like if the sun was bright, there was a good shadow and lighting for model to shoot from this window, or the if the day was rain, there’s also good neon sign to use for model lighting.

  • Communicating with the model about the wardrobe to fit with location. I never ask for the makeup, it’s up to them (since I always ask for free collaboration… hahaa)

And also approaching the model in shooting session is something really important that we must do. Unlike candid portrait on the street that we capture naturally without any necessary approach, in portrait I must learn how to give direction to the model to pose on my frame, make the model comfortable when shooting with us, give attention to model by little chit chat or tell some jokes to bring their positive mood in shooting session.

Well, it’s not as simple as street photography actually. But it was fun tho.

Urge to shoot in place that has nobody around at that time

When I walking to shoot on the street, sometimes I found a place that had really nice element to shoot, like shadow, pattern, reflecting glass, or neon sign. But unfortunately, this place kind isolated and there’s no people having their works on there or even just passing by. Usually I will wait for 15-30 minutes in this place, try to catch some photos. But when I given up to wait and got nothing but some trash photos, I will comeback and bring a model to shoot in this place for the next time.. hahah

I really enjoying a lot of portrait works from Japanese photographer, especially for photographer who works for street and also portrait photography. Their works is not just about showing the beauty of the model, but also showing the interaction between the model and her environment. And it’s really inspire me to create some portrait works like that.

Are you also interested with portrait works ?

Cheers !



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