Why Street Photography ?

Updated: Jun 8, 2018

I’m Ajie and I really love all genre about photography. At first, I’m not considered myself as street photographer, I like doing portrait, capturing landscape, even doing some toy photography stuff. But, as long as I enter and learn more about photography world, I find at my self at upmost pleasure when doing street photography.

Inner Peace

Seeking for the Shadow Play

Yeah, for me street photography is like a remedy for my soul. Everyone always having their hardest time, facing their harsh job, and having such a problematic live and that’s sucks, including me. And to release my stress, even for a while, I go outside and taking pictures on the street.

I try to walk slowly and never decide my own destination. Yeah, I call it “Stray Cat Life”. Hahaha. But It’s true, I mean when you’re not decide where you want to go from the beginning, it will make you not hurry and worry about to reach your destination. I just follow my intuition where I want to go and go for it. And because I’m not in hurry and worry condition, I can walk slowly. This will help to me to observe more around me and find many things that I don’t even realize before. Like silhouette on the road, fresh air in the morning, beautiful woman on the public transport, fancy neon light at night. And try to realize every detail that I pass by its such a bless. Makes me feel grateful that I’m still alive until now and feel so much great things in my life and little bit forgetting about my harsh life.

Enjoying Process

Woman at station

When doing street photography, I face the real condition in life. Unlike portrait, we can set what emotion and feel from our model in our frame. But in street photography, you must find the emotion that you want in your frame and make in perfect timing to capture it, and its very hard, really. You must walk for hours, maybe from morning until night, to find greatest moment in your frame. And sometimes, you go back home with nothing. So sad but true.

But, this is the truly joy from street photography. In the process you find that moment, even you get the good photos or not, you will see many pure expressions from many people outside. The anger, sad, happy, laugh, again will make you feel so grateful in your life.

For me, Street Photography is kind of “Way of Life”. To get inner peace by enjoying the process and capturing the beauty around me.

Thanks !!



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